Plymouth Monkey Year CNY Party! 03-11
New Year’s greeting from Dean and Chairwoman 2016 12-31
ICB Held CAU-OSU Program Students Transfer Ceremony 06-24
OSU program students Take Field Trip to the Institute of Botany 06-22
ICB held 2015 Environmental Science PTEP Exhibition 06-19
OSU Program Freshmen Hosted American History Fair 12-12
UCD Awarded Million's Scholarships to ICB’s Students for Four Consecutive Years 11-04
ICB Held the Sino-foreign Joint Education Forum 11-04
ICB Held 20th Anniversary Alumni Forum 10-23
OSU President Burns Hargis Met with Students in OSU Program 9-24
IETLS Test Date at CAU Test Center 2013 02-25
Deadline of updating IELTS certificate 05-30
2012 schedule of transfer students to UK 05-30
2012 schedule of transfer students to UCDenver 05-30
Spring 2012 TA of UCD Program Application by Feb 22 03-22
Timetable for UCD Class Schedule in Spring Semester 2012 03-22
Timetable for UK Class Schedule in Spring Semeter 2012 03-22
Notice about URP Activities of 2011-2012 Spring Semester 03-22
1st Science Education Seminar/Panel Discussion 03-12
ICB Student Job Announcement: Teaching Assistants 09-23
Chinese Class Application 09-11
SIM Digital Short Movie Contest in May! 05-02
The Communication of Brands——Five things that changed the world of communication 04-11
Writing Center News Release(Mar. 14,2013) 03-14
The UCD Writing Center will open on March 4 02-27
updated Timetables for UCD Program in Spring Semeter 2013 (0305) 02-24
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